A James T. George Design

The objective with the GreyWayne design was to provide a top-down organized page with the ability to expand quickly via the menu system. Much like the other James T. George designs, GreyWayne supports many types of layouts and needs, including multimedia, photo galleries, embedded objects, and full document support. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to our designs, and we will meet your needs as your site grows and expands. The menu system is fully compatible with touch screens and mobile devices of all sizes, and can be adapted to include as many (or as few) items as you require.

This design is well suited for blogs, showcase galleries, and interactive features like user logins and database support. It is a flexible design, ready to incorporate your own logo/branding, as well as a color scheme that fits your company or product. Feel free to browse this sampel page and see if GreyWayne meets your site's needs.